Four-In-One Head Tool


This tool is the head work’s “Best Friend”

The four-in-one tool is a must if you are doing complete valve jobs, touching up seats, or just checking another shop’s work.

  1. CONCENTRICITY: Quickly & accurately measure valve seat “runout”.
  2. SEAT DEPTH: Valve seat depth consistency between cylinders is an absolute must to compression ratio & piston to valve clearance This tool allows you to easily maintain seat depth to deck surface within .001 inch.
  3. SEAT WIDTH: Consistent and accurate seat width is a must for horsepower and endurance. This tool allows you to blue & scribe each seat width for a grinding reference.
  4. STEM HEIGHT: A lot of people overlook stem height with adjustable rockers~this is a real mistake~mismatched stem height will cause havoc with valve train geometry. The 4 in 1 tool will quickly & accurately check stem height.


Available in all popular pilot diameters:  .375~.385~.437  (Other sizes too!)


Complete with Dial Indicator

Fitted Box with Instructions & Helpful Hints for Competitive Valve Jobs

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