Valve Seat Vacuum Tester


I don’t care who does your head work. If they can’t seal the valves, something is very wrong and you need to catch the problem and correct it BEFORE engine assembly. Several companies make a vacuum tester, but we took the time to design a real nice unit that fits the needs of a race car. This unit was designed around a very good Venturi vacuum pump and utilizes high quality quick disconnects for fast plate changes. We have tried to put together a selection of plates for most applications, but we will also make custom plates for unique applications. A vacuum test is a lot more sensitive than a leak-down tester for analyzing valve seal.



*Venturi pump creates a vacuum from any shop air compressor

*Bronze muffler for quiet operation

*Low air consumption

*Quick-disconnect hose fittings fast and leak free

*Machined from aluminum and anodized

*Comes with a durable storage box

*This tool is a MUST for anyone maintaining or building engines. Every time you pull the manifold, you can determine the valve seat condition in seconds.

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