Valve Opening Comparator & Transfer Gauge


This is a straightforward tool that performs a VERY VITAL job in flycutting pistons. It is very critical that the valve relief in the piston is the same angle as the valve in the head ~ especially on high RPM applications where piston-to-valve clearance is at a minimum.

Usually, if you float the valves and they hit the piston squarely, little damage is incurred. However, if you hit a piston with the EDGE of a valve, it will always bend the valve, and many times,  will break a valve head off (which is a disaster, especially at high RPM). You can’t take for granted that the existing angle on the piston is correct, especially after angle milling, etc.

This tool is simple to use and a lot less time consuming than clay. Simply:

  1. Set the tool on the cylinder to get the valve angle.
  2. Lock tool at this angle.
  3. Set the fixture on the piston to check piston relief angle.
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