Port Radiusing Mandrel & PSA Discs


$25  Port Radiusing Mandrel

$20  PSA Discs  Available Grits:  40/60/80/120  (Box of 100)

Port Radiusing Mandrel & PSA Discs

This is a unique little mandrel we came up with for polishing ports & mandrels. It is used by placing PSA discs (sold separately) back-to-back on the arbor with spacers in between them so you have a two-sided cutting disc. This works great on a radius or for removing a “kink” that a cartridge roll won’t conform to. This mandrel works a whole lot better than a swizzle stick.

Shank is 1/4” Diameter

7” Overall Length

These are discs for the above mandrel. They have already have the center hole for the mandrel.

* 1” Diameter

* 40, 60, 80 & 120 Grit

* Aluminum Oxide Cloth


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