Lathe Learnin’ 5-Part Instructional Video Series


Lathe Learnin’ 5-Part Instructional Video Series


Presented by Adrian Pendergrass with over 20 years of experience of “hanging on the end” of a lathe and a mill. Material is not only interesting and correct, but presented in an easy to follow and entertaining manner. Something for experienced operators as well as the novice. Highly recommended for home, shop and Vo-Tech institutions. Series covers many operations, valuable tips and shortcuts.

*Intro to Lathe

*Chucks and Work Holding

*Tool Holders & Tool Posts

*Facing and Turning

*Lathe Tool Grinding

*Boring & Broaching

*Part Off Tips

*Internal & External Threading

*Drilling and Reaming


*Steady Rest & Follow Rest

*Tool Post Grinding

*Taper Turning

*Face Plate Layout Tips

DVD ~ 8 hours

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