With the PMS kit, it is quick and simple to check the

specific gravity of your gasoline for quality and

legality. This kit is a real aid for the racer using

additives or special blends. With the decreasing

quality of today’s pump gas, a Gas Check Kit should

be a standard item with all racers.

* Easy to read lab-grade hydrometer graduated in 0.002

increments and a range from .700 to .800

* Mercury thermometer with self-contained protective case

* 50 ml graduated glass cylinder

* Easy-to-follow instructions

NOTE: This range will allow the racer to check all

pump gas, all racing gas, straight methanol, and all

but the lightest aviation gas. The kit will NOT check

Nitromethane alky/nitro mixtures.


$60 Gas & Alcohol Check Kit Replacement Hydrometer

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