Engine Turning Tool


After building a few engines, you come up with little goodies like this engine turning tool that make the job a lot easier. If you read the handle of a new “Snap On” screwdriver, it states “Warning: NOT a Pry Bar or Punch.” This tool also eliminates the search for a longer bolt because you just stripped the first1 ½”of threads out of the crank. The tool also allows you to turn the motor in either direction without messing anything up. A couple of nice features are: The tool comes with spacers so it will clear your balancer bolt. It can also be left permanently mounted on the motor.

* Machined from 6061 billet aluminum

* Black anodized for wear & appearance

* Broached ½”square hole for ratchet or breaker bar (depending upon ring combination, engine builder, etc.

* In stock for Chevrolet (but we’ll make others)

* Bolts are NOT included

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