Any machine shop will agree that the time consuming part of balancing an engine is weighing and equalizing the rods and pistons.  Spinning the crank and adding Mallory or drilling to remove weight is the easy part.  The PMS Balancing Fixture allows you to do all of the time consuming (expensive) work yourself.  You can now take your crank, harmonic balancer and flywheel or flexplate to the machine shop, along with the proper weights obtained by using the fixture, and all the machinist has to do is attach the proper bobweight, spin the crank, and add or remove weight.  This saves him time, and you money.  Another big advantage to this is the fact that you can now duplicate any part in the engine without having to rebalance the entire assembly because you have a record of all the weights.


*Includes 4 Adaptors (TRULY UNIVERSAL)

*100% Made in the USA

*Billet Aluminum

*Quality Bearings – Double Sealed

*Anodized for Appearance & Durability

*Chain Hangers — which are more expensive to manufacture, but well worth it in repeatability

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