Cubic Inch Tester 500″/670″/800″

This is a copy of the P&G Gauge with a lot more capacity with the same accuracy.

This tool is a must for any track or organization running events with a cubic inch limit rule.

Eliminate pulling heads and still keep them honest. Tester is accurate within ½ C.I. Per cylinder (total of 4 cubic inches for a V-8). A good feature of the gauge is that if it is in error, it will ALWAYS be on the small side of what the motor actually is. Giving the engine being tested the “benefit of the doubt”. In other words…………if it pumps big, it is big.

This Unit is Available in Three Capacities:

Cubic Inch Tester ~ 500″ Capacity: $1,200.00

Cubic Inch Tester ~ 670″ Capacity: $1,260.00

Cubic Inch Tester ~ 800″ Capacity: $1,440.00

Kit comes complete with: Instructions Thermometer Spark Plug Adaptor All packed in an attractive & durable wooden box


We test every unit before it leaves our shop to assure accuracy when you receive it. We also have replacement parts. You must remove all spark plugs & the two pushrods from the cylinder being tested. It may or may not work on overhead cam engines, as you MUST stop the valve action to use it.

$35  Replacement Puck

$20  Replacement Adaptor

$15  Replacement Quad Ring

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