If you have to use a breaker bar instead of a ratchet to turn your short block over, you might check this tool out (among other things).


Race cranks have a big fillet to reduce stress risers of sharp corners.  Bearings are not made for this large radius, and many times must be chamfered for clearance.  This tool is designed to hold both halves squarely in the lathe to chamfer for large radius crank.  The fixture is notched on both sides so that both left and right side can be machined.


CNC Machined for Exact Fit


NOTE:  The fixture is made for YOUR specific application.

The following information will be needed from you:

(Please call us at 210-681-2405 or Note this information on your Pay Pal comment section:

(1)  Do you want a ROD Bearing Chamfering Tool or a MAIN Bearing Chamfering Tool.

(2) Which application?  EXAMPLE:  Small Journal, Small Block Chevy

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