8″ FLYCUTTER with Stub Arbor or R-8 Adaptor


*Allows for one pass cuts on cylinder heads.

*Choice of an  R-8 Adaptor for use with a Bridgegport-type Mill or a 1″ Stub Arbor to be held in an end mill holder.

*The flycutter NOW comes with a REPLACEABLE  Carbide Insert Tool Holder.  One insert for Cast Iron and one insert for Aluminum heads are included.  Additional inserts (specify cast iron or aluminum) are available for $10 each.

*You can also use High Speed Steel with a big radius for a great finish.

*The design of the tool allows chatter-free cutting and a large enough diameter to cut Big Block Chevy’s or Chrysler Hemi’s.

*Aluminum Billet Construction and Anodized for durability & appearance.

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