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How To Read A Micrometer

  • Start by verifying zero with the jaws closed. 

  • Turn the ratcheting knob on the end till it clicks.

  • If it isn't zero, adjust

Micrometer ratchet knob

  • Carefully open and close the jaws around the specimen using the ratcheting knob till it clicks.

  • Read it!

  • First, identify that it's between 3 and 4 (0.3)

  • Next, see that it's just past the quarter mark (0.325)

  • Also see that the dial reads between 4 and 5, so add 0.004 to the 0.325 = (0.329)

Reading micrometer
  • To get the ten-thousandths place, read the vernier.

  • Look for the line that best aligns with a mark on the dial - in this case 4.

  • So add 0.0004 for a final reading of 0.3294

Reading vernier on micrometer


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